Minu unistuste päev

Bi-annual training at Moelava09 October 2014

In September 2014 we had our fun and educative volunteer training day.
The theme was all about communication and representing the foundation like a good ambassador. It is an important skill to know how to communicate with different target groups: an ill child, a parent, a journalist, a doctor or a potential supporter.

The training was put together by JLP communication agency (the amazing pro-bono partner of Minu Unistuste Päev) and carried out by Karita Sall and Birgit Rootsi! Thank you for a great day!

Main points of the training were: 
  • Your communication channels: opportunities vs limitations 
  • Spokespersons and their role 
  • Your elevator speech: How to prepare?  What to say? 

All the necessary information is up at the HMUP Volunteers Dropbox under useful  documents, including elevator speech examples.

Volunteers who deserve extra recognition this fall are : 
  • Kristina Garmatjuk - for creating an improved Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. You can find it in our shared Dropbox file. 
  • Kersti Urbala and Mari-Liis Altmann – for accomplishing 3 amazing dreams in 1  month. 
  • Carina Kukk – for making really good relations with Getter Jaani that made the star agree to perform at our awareness event in Solaris. 
  • Anneli Abel – for organizing an amazing Lottemaa dream for Nathan. 
All volunteers present at our recent training where given flowers and a big applause.