Minu unistuste päev

Martin's dream day

Martin’s dream day was full of colors, he visited Linnanmäki amusement park! :)

Martin, Martin, Martin.. what a little star with his wonderful sister and brother! But there’s nothing to surprise because of his mother who was just as warm as the summer sun starting from our first meeting. Martin’s mom made a bit pre work before our arrival, and undoubtedly came out two colorful words- amusement park! So there was no long thoughts- ship’s direction towards Finland and steps to Linnanmäkki because there are no so awesome amusement park on this side of Europe.

Although slightly chilly Saturday morning alarm clock went off early it was no problem for us and 7.30 we laughed on a ship at breakfast table. Children didn’t know up to the very end quite exactly what is going to happen. When the tram reached Linnanmäki hit shine in Martin’s eyes, oh, there indeed he’d like to go!

When confirmation followed by his mother, that that’s the place where we’re indeed going, was no ending to plans. Despite Martin’s meter and a bit more length did not scare him none of the attraction, only problem was that they had set height limits to some attractions.. but when he’s a bit taller we’re gonna arrange vol 2!

Despite clouds and raid drops we had a day full of sunshine and our wonderful dream day dragged off to the next day when we send each other off on to our beds with warm and sweet hugs. Already making plans when we can see each other again! :)

VOLUNTEERS: Mari-Liis Altmann, Valdo Essmann

FEEDBACK: „I can safely say that May 27 was not only Martin’s dream day but our entire family’s dream day. Everything was just wonderful. From time to time we talk about this day and all eyes will shine and a big smile is on our faces. All of these emotions that we experienced can not be put into words. It was a wonderful day filled with laughter and sparkle. I warmly thank your whole team. But above all I want to say that Mari-Liis- you are doing a right thing. There should be more people like you in the world :) You’re so sunny and warm person! It was my pleasure to meet you and hope to meet again  :) All the best and lots of sunshine! Hugs :) " –Marianna, Martin’s mother