Minu unistuste päev

Luisa's dream day

Luisa is a very cheerful and active little girl. With her it was clear from the start; she had only one dream - to see Marcus&Martinius. When we met her in her home in Märjamaa she was very excited. She showed us drawings on the walls, which were logos of Marcus&Martinius and she played us her favourite songs by the boy duo.

We decided that her dream day had to have Marcus& Martinius in it. It turned out that they were going to have a concert in Helsinki, but it was already sold out. Thankfully, the tour manager Eirik was very helpful and gave Luisa and her sister the best seats in the house.

Before the big surprise we spent some time in Helsinki. Luisa went shopping and of course she picked out a T-shirt with the boys on it. She found out about the concert over lunch. She could not hold back her emotions; she was jumping and dancing around. Before the big concert, the girls got personalized Marcus and Martinius sweatshirts, which was the cherry on the cake. They were so impressed with the concert and the whole day that they were watching videos of the concert until the early hours of the morning.

VOLUNTEERS: Triinu Tapper, Kertu Karu, Angelika Aava